Client's Testimonials

"Several years ago I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. Part of the problem may have been that during my lifetime I was never given any form of exercise and I was advised to seek a personal trainer and because of recommendations I chose Deb Bailey. I have a mobility problem, a balance  problem,severe tightening of the muscles and core problems. Deb helps me immensely in coping with these problems, and improving core strength and balance. She recommended that I have a Personal Trainer like her when I was out of the country for 3 months- that way I would have a trainer year round.My trainers exercise me to the extent possible and a good part of this program,(an important part) is to get me on the table for stretching 2 hours a week. Deb has been excellent!"-Philip.

"Dedication and completely customized programs make Deb a great Personal Trainer. She's inspired me with her training to achieve better posture, muscle tone, and a desire to stay with the program to enjoy better health for now and the future."-Sheila B.

"I have truly appreciated Deb's expertise in understanding my physical limitations and her willingness to research appropriate exercise, including talking directly to my physiotherapist. I feel confident in the programs she recommends and she willingly reviews and changes exercises as needed." -Cathy G.

"With Deb I have overcome a number of physical roadblocks. I've increased my balance, core strength, flexibility, endurance and muscle tone. Her attention to proper form and safety are very much appreciated. Her sense of humour and kind way of motivating have helped me enjoy working out more than I ever thought possible!"-Jan. M.

"Deb is a wonderful person to work out with - I've been working weekly with Deb for over 2 years and have lost pounds and inches, strengthened, toned, and become more flexible. She tailors my program to fit my needs, and always gives positive reinforcement and feedback." - Jacqueline N.

"Deb Bailey is a very knowledgeable trainer.  I am impressed by the way she offers alternatives to each exercise for people with mobility and other issues.  She also explains the purpose of each move, i.e. how it strengthens a particular part of the body.  I don’t like gyms but I love her fitness classes—they are high energy and effective and fun! " Cathy S.

"Deb Bailey has been my personal trainer since 2011. Originally, we started on a fitness program after I had a total knee replacement. Deb developed a suitable program in conjunction with my physiotherapist that greatly assisted with my recovery. Since that time Deb has developed a series of ongoing workout programs focused on strength training, tailored to work around other physical ailments that have developed over the years. She always considers whatever physical limitations that have evolved and devises workarounds in the custom programs she has created to ensure that you are training in the healthiest way possible.
Deb is constantly changing the programs to help focus on specific areas of weakness and always keeps the programs fresh, interesting and stimulating.I highly recommend Deb to anyone that wants to accelerate their recovery time or to simply challenge themselves to become the fittest you can be."  Robert M.

Deb has helped me a lot. I feel better than I have for quite a while. My satisfaction with the exercises has put me on the right track.- Mary W

I have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis and a metal rod in my right leg from a broken femur. I have worked for some time now with Deb Bailey and am very happy. She modifies an exercise when it presents an issue for my body. She keeps me motivated and we have some chuckles each day. Thanks for making me stronger Deb. You are the best.- Nancy A.

I have been working with Deb since last August (2019). In addition to being a professional who knows her stuff, she is incredibly supportive as a trainer. It's been great to have programs tailored specifically to my needs. I am feeling so much better physically than when I started 10 months ago, and that has equally impacted my self-confidence. Thanks so much, Deb! - Linda W.

“I participated in one of Deb’s group classes and was very impressed. Despite the range of our group’s age and fitness levels, Deb was able to provide great stations with various levels of intensity. She has a fun energy but also ensures you are doing your exercises properly, challenging yourself as much as possible. I’d definitely return for this or another group with her.” Angela S.

“ I took part in group training with Deb and was blown away with her knowledge of muscle groups, her variety of targeted routines and her unique and gentle motivational manner. I was so impressed I can hardly wait until our next training session and would recommend her in an instant as an effective and very positive trainer.” Richard M.

“I have been going to Deb’s HIIT classes for 4 years and have been pleased by a big improvement in my energy, strength and general fitness level. Deb’s classes are always changing so you never get bored doing the same exercises over and over. Plus she routinely suggests modifications to exercises to make them safer for people at different fitness levels or with injuries or other physical challenges. And finally, her classes are so much fun, which makes you want to come back!! Thank you, Deb.” Carole S.

 10 years ago I underwent a major surgery, which resulted in an unrelated frozen shoulder. Despite much time and effort with other professionals, I concluded that a slightly improved shoulder was the best I could hope for.
9 1/2 years later, I met Deb, who, in our first meeting, addressed my tight, poorly functioning shoulder. After a thorough assessment, after 5 minutes of MAT adjustments (Muscle Activation Techniques), my shoulder was freed up (after 9 1/2 years of problems). During subsequent appointments, we repeated those tiny adjustments. My shoulders are equally free-moving now, thanks to Deb

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